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The first tool produced for your examination is a similarity metric (vers. 1.0). This tool can be applied to many fields of study. The original motivation for us was to create a reliable metric of similarity of lists of species occurring in various habitats or geographical regions. You can find more about the index and the calculator by clicking on the "Similarity" link. There is no fee for use of this tool. Persons finding the tool useful to their research are requested to make a donation to support the ongoing work on the similarity calculator and its extensions. The work is not otherwise supported by any institution or grant. To find out more about the development tools, personnel, and how to support the on-line services in similarity measurement, click the "About Amanita-Bear" link.

The "Offline Services" and "Mycological Services" links provide access to information such as Tulloss' CV, current travel schedule, etc., and services for a fee that may be of interest to teachers, mycologists, naturalists, groups, clubs, and societies.

A related site concerning taxonomic, morphological, and other studies on the genus Amanita is edited by R. E. Tulloss and Z. L. Yang.

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