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We offer a valuable computational service for which there is no user fee. We feel this tool should be accessible to researchers, teachers, and students in many fields from comparative literature and law to research in the biological sciences and ecological fieldwork. The tool should be accessible to anyone who needs it. That is why there is no fee.

We also supply without charge support to Poison Control organizations in the United States. Throughout the mushroom season, we identify mushrooms in cases of real or suspected poisoning. In other countries, government-organized services may provide this function. That is not the case in the U.S.

These services to the scientific community and to the community at large are valuable, but take a great deal of time and represent considerable expenditure of personal funds.

The limited income of Amanita-Bear does not cover the cost of maintaining these services.

If you are using, or have used, the tripartite similarity metric and the software that supports your I/O to/from the calculator, you're using original research and its translation into software -- neither produced with support of any institution or grant-making body.

Donations may be made to Amanita-Bear to help defray the cost of carrying forward the work on this site and our other no-fee services.

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